We develop products to protect safety and daily life,
from disaster prevention to the everyday.

At Funayama Co., Ltd, we handle a wide range of products, including disaster prevention supplies, as well as products designed for evacuation sites such as emergency provisions, products that are necessary for sites of rescue such as safety devices and fire suits, and even products to support daily life such as snow melting systems.

The organization is roughly divided into the Fire Fighting Section, the Disaster Prevention Section, the Fiber Section, and the Environmental Section, and each section conducts specialized product design/development and sales.

  • Fire Fighting section

    We provide all manner of products and services related to firefighting, from detection to reporting, fire extinguishing, and evacuation.

    Products Carried

    • Firefighting machinery/products
    • Firefighting equipment/maintenance checking
    • Firefighting apparel/accessories
    • Many types of rescue tools
    • Flood control
    • Decontamination materials
  • Disaster Prevention section

    Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood disasters, and tornadoes are occurring one after another. Why not take a moment to review your disaster prevention and reduction policy?

    Products Carried

    • Disaster prevention equipment/materials
    • Disaster prevention products/emergency provisions
  • Fiber section

    We suggest uniforms that are a perfect fit for your occupational field or image.

    Products Carried

    • Office wear
    • Work wear
    • Team uniforms
    • Related products
    • Security tools
    • Engineering and construction materials
    • Safety nets and nets for construction
  • Environment section

    For the environment creation of living quarters, we respond to design, construction, and maintenance needs with a proven track record and dependability.

    Products Carried

    • Snow melting for roofs
    • Floor heating equipment
    • Cornice prevention equipment
    • Road heating
    • Photocatalysis
    • Ozone deodorization equipment